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Welcome to Shore Endocrinology Associates, LLC

Our office is a warm and friendly environment where patients feel welcome and relaxed.  The entire staff is committed to making each visit a pleasant and positive experience. After all, we're here to help you feel your best!
We treat each and every patient as a member of our extended practice family. We'll greet you by name, offer you a smile and do everything we can to make you comfortable while you're here.  

We're always delighted to Welcome New Patients

If you find your experience with our practice is a positive one, we're delighted to receive your referrals of other family members or friends.  We're proud of the fact that most of our new patients come by way of referrals from existing patients and other physicians who appreciate the quality of care we provide.  

Practice Philosophy

Our practice philosophy is to combine the latest practices and technology in modern medicine along with the best traditions of personal attention and compassionate care.  Our practice goals are to:
Deliver the highest quality medical care
Treat each patient as a unique individual
Listen carefully to your healthcare concerns
Provide exceptional service each time you visit
Focus on helping you to feel your best

We are committed delivering excellence to the individuals in our patient community.

About Endocrinology

What is an endocrinologist?

An endocrinologist is a specially trained physician. Endocrinologists diagnose diseases that affect your glands. They know how to treat conditions that are often complex and involve many systems within your body. Your primary care doctor refers you to an endocrinologist when you have a problem with your endocrine system.

What is the endocrine system?

The endocrine system is a complex group of glands. Glands are organs that make hormones. These are substances that help to control activities in your body. Different types of hormones control reproduction, metabolism (food burning and waste elimination), and growth and development. Hormones also control the way you respond to your surroundings, and they help to provide the proper amount of energy and nutrition your body needs to function. The glands that make up the endocrine system include the thyroid, parathyroid, pancreas, ovaries, testes, adrenal, pituitary and hypothalamus.

What do endocrinologists do?

Endocrinologists are specifically trained to diagnose and treat hormone imbalances and problems by helping to restore the normal balance of hormones in your system. They can treat many conditions including:
thyroid diseases
metabolic disorders
over or under production of hormones
cholesterol (lipid) disorders
lack of growth (short stature)
cancers of the endocrine glands