Telephone policies:

Patients with a true medical emergency should call 911.
All urgent but non-emergency calls will be transferred to physician on call.
Non-emergency calls will be addressed the following business day.

Prescription policy:

Shore Endocrinology Associates, LLC issues prescriptions at the office visit.
Please, check if you need any refills with a physician at your office visit .
To submit  a prescription request, please, provide us with  the name, dosage and quantity of the medication as well as your name, phone number and pharmacy number .
It can take 24 to 48 hours to refill a prescription so please plan accordingly.
Patients with " no-show" or cancel their appointment 2 times will not have their prescription refilled.

Cancellations or  "no-show" policy:

Patients who fail to cancel their appointments within 24 hours will be charged $25.
Patients who have 2 prior late cancellations or  " no shows " will be billed the equivalent of a full office visit for the third offense.

Late arrivals:

We respect your time and try to  see our patients on time. By arriving on time, you allow us to see you for the entire
duration of your allotted time, and ensure that the patients scheduled after you are likewise given that opportunity.
If you arrive late 15 minutes you may be asked to reschedule the appointment or wait until we have a time spot for you.

Financial policy:

You should bring your insurance card every time you come for the appointment and update our office  with any changes in your insurance information.
All office co-pays has to be paid at the time of service. We accept cash, checks , Visa and MasterCard. Checks drawn on
accounts with insufficient funds will result in a $20 fee.
It is the patient's responsibility to understand his/her medical benefits.

If your policy requires a referral, please make sure that you obtain one from your primary care
physician prior to your appointment. If you arrive without a referral, you may choose to be seen, but be aware that you will be financially  responsible for the payment  in case your insurance company refuses to pay for the visit.

Medical records:

If you want to obtain your medical records , you will be charged $25 fee to prepare them for you.


If you have your blood work done at the lab, please ask them to send you a copy of your blood work results.